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Model: CW-234
AIR HOSE 3/4" X 50 MTRPolymer of vinyle chiorideH.P Air Hose Made in KoreaSize : 3/4" 50MTR1 pcs/pkt 1 pcs/ctn..
Model: CW-160
ARC WELDING MACHINE CW160Portalble IGBT inverter stick welderPower indicatorThermal ProtectionStepless current settingHot Start150V-260V wide input voltageAnti-stickingArc forceAvailable for rutile and basic electrodeOptional functions - Cellulosic electrode,Digital display, Generator friendly Acces..
Model: CW-200E
ARC WELDING MACHINE CW200EPortable stick welderAdvanced IGBT TechnologyVoltage compensationThermal ProtectionStepless current setingHot start, anti-sticking, arc force adjustableLift Arc TIG FunctionAvailable for rutile and basic electrode continuos welding Accessories - Welding cable with electrode..
Model: CW-174
CERAMIC CUM NO.4-796F70 (10 PCS/PKT)Tig welding torch NozzleNo.4(10N50)10Pcs/Pkt..
Model: CW-175
CERAMIC CUM NO.5-10N49 (10 PCS/PKT)Tig welding torch NozzleNo.5{10N49)10Pcs/Pkt..
Model: CW-178
CERAMIC CUM NO.6-10N46(10 PCS/PKT)Tig welding torch NozzleNo.8(10N46)10Pcs/Pkt..
Model: CW-177
CERAMIC CUM NO.6-10N47 (10 PCS/PKT)Tig welding torch NozzleNo.7(10N47)10Pcs/Pkt..
Model: CW-176
CERAMIC CUM NO.6-10N48 (10 PCS/PKT)Tig welding torch NozzleNo.6(10N48)10Pcs/Pkt..
Model: CW-173
CERAMIC CUP NO.3 (10 PCS/PKT)Tig welding torch NozzleNo.3(796F70)10Pcs/Pkt..
Model: CW-142
COLLET 2.4 MM 10N24 (5PCS/PKT)Collet body for tig welding2.4MM 10N245PCs/Pkt..
Model: CW-141
COLLET 3.2 MM 10N24 (5PCS/PKT)Collet body for tig welding3.2MM 10N255PCs/Pkt..
Model: CW-147
COLLET BODY 2.4 MM 10N32 (5PCS/PKT) For Tig Welding32.MM 10N285Pcs/PKT..
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